Review: Death Requisite - Threnody

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Death Requisite is a melodic death metal band with symphonic elements, hailing from the swamplands of Florida. They’ve re-forged to declare war & feed the hungry ears of metal deprived masses by virtue of their self-proclaimed genre of ‘Hybrid-Metal’- All the most potent & extreme metal genres entwined into one cohesive, a sonic assault that will leave your eardrums bleeding for more.

Threnody is their fourth release and 2nd through Rottweiler Records. It’s a very short album, only 3 songs and orchestral versions of each.

Lyrically: Christ-centered message, highlighting the fight between demons and Christ, demonic oppression, and possession. The lyrics are in the form of a conversation, which makes it more interesting.

Bride: "I cry out to You Most High // Evil grows, demons rise // Day is dark as night // Creation weeps as the Bridegroom nears // The earth groans, darkness speaks // Destruction is coming!"

Benedict Imperator: "This is what I have lived for // To gain this right I paid with my life // For this moment, I've waited for so Long //This is My Birthright // All Earth is My Bequest // Procured by blood, secured by death // Creation My portion, inhabitants My prize // Consummate Requisite Primogeniture" - Primogeniture

Sonically this album is very creative and unique. The combination of beautiful symphonic elements and then the aggressiveness of death metal, with some awesome and high range vocals, make the songs sound epic.

Favorite tracks: Primogeniture and Tormentor.

Primogeniture: Starts with a beautiful melody in piano and violins, building up momentum, and then the high range vocals enter giving a very melodic and beautiful epic sound, then the low screams and fast-paced drums and technical guitars. Very good song, you experience a journey of a mix of genres. Aggressive and beautiful.

Tormentor: Starts off aggressive and very technical, then low screams, and the double bass kicks in, with a groovy sound and palm muting guitars. Adding symphonic elements to elevate the intensity. Overall, a very aggressive and good song.

Overall, a very good band and album, I liked a lot of the symphonic elements added; they are underrated and have a lot of potential, very technical and aggressive with amazing vocals, and the orchestra added is amazingly well blended. An exceptionally short album, not taking the instrumental tracks into account, but good none the less.

Rating: 8.5/10

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