Review: Taking The Head of Goliath - Taking The Head of Goliath [EP]

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Taking the Head of Goliath is a brutal death metal band from the Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA, and is signed to Rottweiler Records. The mission of the band is to spread a message of hope, redemption, strength, freedom, and ultimately salvation through Jesus Christ.

This is their debut studio album, having released a live album (opens new window) in 2017.

Lyrically: Very relatable and deep. Some topics discussed on the EP are; crying to God for help and looking to him because only in Him do we find the way, the truth, and the life. Taking a stand between life or death, love or hate, and recognizing the sacrifice of Christ, giving His life to save us. They touch also on the theme of demons and a war being waged in the spiritual realm, how the demons can get to us, and affect us. Whiles also calling us to take up our cross and follow Christ, because our great reward awaits us in heaven.

Sonically: As with many death metal bands, this is especially aggressive and fast while having some more slow and heavier moments, and some technical parts. The vocals are great, with some good high screams and good lows, but you can't understand much.

Favorite songs: Oblivious Into Oblivion, Trenches, The Present Darkness, Unearthed/Iniquity’s end.

Oblivious into Oblivion: Starting with the fast-paced drums and guitars and a low growl, it has some catchy riffs and a good overall sound. Short song but intense.

Trenches: Quick and aggressive song with a very heavy sound like a machine gun.

This Present Darkness: Aggressive with some good riffs and good pinch harmonics from the guitars.

Unearthed/ Iniquity’s end: Very good song with aggressive and fast sound, but also some catchy and slower riffs and parts.

Overall it’s a good album. Quick-paced, aggressive, and heavy with some melodic parts. If you are a death metal fan, you will like this a lot, if not then you may get bored because the songs sound alike and can be monotonous.

Rating: 8.0/10

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