Review: XIII Minutes - Obsessed

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XIII Minutes is a Christian Metal/Hard Rock band with nu-metal and post-hardcore elements.

The explanation for the name is very interesting and has a lot of meanings. Every 13 minutes someone in America dies by taking his life, or from a motor vehicle accident, at the same time in the spiritual realm 13 minutes every day to be spiritually fit, 13 is the number for great blessing and new life, God’s number 7 and man's 6 together are 13.

Lyrically: Very creative with a lot of references even to some poets like Edgar Allan Poe. Looking at the aspects of life, struggles in it, with relationships and our own selves, with an indirect message about God in some songs and the victory and power of him and infinite love for us, especially shown in the last song Reckless Love.

Sonically: They deliver the heaviness and aggressive side of metal and hard rock with the melodic and clean vocals. The guitars sound great and deliver some very good and catchy riffs, with some solos and breakdowns. The drums sound good and deliver on every song. The bass is audible and is great. The screaming vocals are very good, they are raw and heavy. The clean vocals are also very good and catchy. There are some very good and heavy breakdowns in some songs. There is two slow type ballad song which makes the album more diversity and is good.

Overall, this was an amazing discovery of a new band and a great album. For a hard rock/metal album this is great, delivers the heavy and aggressive riffs and some breakdowns, with heavy screams and very catchy clean vocals, some solos and melodic songs, and two slower ballad songs. And some very intriguing and good lyrics. Very good album and awesome band with a great message.

Rating: 9.0/10

Favorite tracks: Obsessed, Blue flame, Machaira, This life, Sibling Rivalry, Who told you, Water vice, Reckless love.

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