Review: Bareheart - In the Mo(u)rning

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Singer-Songwriter Tyler Collins delivers this EP through Bareheart in which he explores and tells with raw emotion the deconstruction of a marriage and construction of one´s identity.

His sound expresses raw feelings and emotions based on own experience, through acoustic indie and emo vibes but delivers a powerfully deep message. A journey to understand humanity in a raw manner with soft and emotional sound.

The EP has 6 songs and the length of each is more than 3 minutes.

The lyrics are very deep, raw, and emotional, letting you know the pain and emotions that are involved during marriage and in a relationship between two persons. All the feelings and opinions in it. How someone can fight and give all for the other person but is not enough. How it is not wrong to have a broken heart. The frustration and madness with our own selves when we make a mistake and hurt a person we love, just wanting to go back to how it was before and go to that person we love. Not looking at the full picture in a situation and just being guided by the emotion of the moment. The slow journey and way you go until you don’t recognize how you got there and is too late to fix. How you see yourself and how the other person sees you.

The sound of the EP is very beautiful and peaceful, the acoustic guitar mixed with some strings and added melodies makes this such a beautiful EP. The guitar leads the song in a soft way and the added elements impulse the sound to make it more majestic, powerful, and emotional. But the star of the sound is the vocals. The voice of Tyler is soft and beautiful but at moments it goes raw and expresses such emotion and feeling that you can feel how he puts his heart out in the songs and you can feel his emotions during the song like a journey through his heart.

Overall this is one of the best discoveries of the year of a new band and singer-songwriter. This EP has such a beautiful raw sound, makes you feel so vulnerable and emotional. Such deep and raw feelings. With deep and relatable lyrics for a lot of people and in a relationship. The vocals are amazing and make you feel more emotional and feel the emotions of the songs. Amazing EP hope to see more soon.

Rating: 8.5/10

Favorite tracks: Nothing Wrong, Home, Wild Eyes, Rain, Outcast.

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