Review: A Secret Ending - Redemption EP

Nick Ptak
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Band: A Secret Ending (opens new window)

EP: Redemption

Record Label: Independent

Release Date: May 14,2020

EP Length: 13 min, 17 seconds

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Track List:

  1. A New Dawn

  2. The Ninety-Nine

  3. Before the Cross

  4. The Lion’s Den

A Secret Ending is a brand new solo Christian Melodic Death Metal project from Lithuania. The songs also incorporate a lot of other subgenre elements such as black metal, symphonic metal, and metalcore with a hint of djent. The EP discusses the urgency of the Gospel to everyone, no matter what situation they are going through. The EP title “Redemption” is perfectly fitting, since that is the primary theme of every song.

Lyrically: While some Christian bands are passive in their lyrics by only hinting Christian themes and morals in their lyrics, A Secret Ending is not one of those bands. Their lyrics speak directly about many aspects of life issues such as depression, brokenness, and shame while incorporating the Gospel as the solution to them. I rarely see lyrics written with such sincerity and heart as in this EP.

Sonically: There are many components in the songs that a lot of metalheads would appreciate. In addition to including great guitar riffs, bass, and drums, he included great piano and string melodies, which in my opinion was the highlight of each song musically. He even included chimes in the songs “A New Dawn” and “The Lion’s Den” which I found unique. Each melody was different, yet it somehow flowed really well when played all together as a full EP. The fact he decided to include both deep growls, usually found in death metal, and high pitch screams, usually found in black metal, was really neat in my opinion. There were times when he would use both the deep growls and high pitch screams at the same time, which really intensified the song. I appreciated that each chorus for all of the songs, how the clean vocals would sing each verse followed by the growls and screams. It greatly emphasized the messaged the chorus had to say.

Favorite Track: The Ninety-Nine

Final Thoughts: Overall, I am really impressed by the musical and lyrical talent. A Secret Ending had to offer. The songs had great melodic riffs that were catchy and incorporated a variety of instruments. The placement of using the growls, screams, and harmonic clean vocals was impressive in my opinion. With this being their first EP, I can only imagine how great the future EP’s and albums will be for this artist.

Rating: 9.5/10

BTG Alternative Opinion

A Secret Ending is a melodic death metal project from Lithuania. It’s nice to have a Christian band from the Baltic states! He has released the Redemption EP independently. I have listened to this EP quite a lot. Frankly, I can’t name a band to compare it with. In terms of style, it reminds me the most with Still Remains. Fans of Renascent will also like this release.

This EP contains four very nice sounding melodic death metal songs with good production. The songs are very catchy and the addition of keyboards are in my opinion a very good addition. The vocals are decent the clean vocals come out very well and don’t sound over-produced. The drums are well balanced. The only things I miss on this Ep are some fine-sounding guitar or keyboard solos. They would have added a bit more variety. But, this debut EP is very good. Recommended!

The artwork of this EP is pretty amazing. As far as I am concerned, one of the most beautiful I've seen in the scene recently.

The lyrics are about the Redemption through Jesus Christ, his suffering on the Cross, and a call to convert to Christ. For example, this is the first couplet of the song Before the Cross:

Wrong turns and a troubled journey

kept me submit to the flesh

Then a miraculous event fell upon me

as my tongue began to profess

That He suffered and died on the Calvary cross

That He rose from the grave

A sinless life He gave up for us

and through faith have I been saved.

Rating: 8.5/10

Reason: Mainly because I hope that there will be some solos on the new effort.

Written by: Ton Ringenier

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