Review: Red - Declaration

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Band: Red

Album: Declaration

Record Label: Independent/Red Entertainment

Release Date: April 3, 2020

Album length: 38 minutes

Genre: Post-hardcore/Hard-rock

Track List:

  1. All For You
  2. Infidel
  3. Cauterize
  4. The War We Made
  5. The Evening Hate
  6. Float
  7. The Victim
  8. Sever
  9. Only Fight
  10. From the Ashes

Red is a Dark Ambient Hard Rock band out of Nashville, TN. With a wide discography, the band comes rushing back to action yet again... with a Declaration. Declaration was released April 3rd of 2020 under RED ENTERTAINMENT/The Fuel Music.

Lyrically: This album has some deep lyrics man, displaying a poetic style to address subjects such as strife, questioning oneself, and letting go of fear. The lyricist knows pain, but I just wish they mentioned God more in the lyrics (that's just me though).

Sonically: Mike Barnes (lead singer) takes the album by storm with heartfelt clean vocals and rage-filled harsh vocals. You can feel the familiar feel of Red's vocal melodies as the crushing riffs and blasting drums envelope the lead singer in a cathartic frenzy. There is also violin work and piano work providing a theatrical sense amongst the gut-wrenching vocals. There are slower parts of the album which I don't like, but you know... it's part of Red's character.

Favorite Tracks: The Evening Hate and The Victim

The Evening Hate starts with a soft whirring sound leading to an eerie, ominous sound welcoming the rest of the chaotic intro, Hang on to your headphones cause this song will shake you and not let go!

The Victim starts with an eerie ( almost lullaby sounding ) effect with static and electronic elements, then rolls into the harsh array of crunching guitars and steady drums. The vocals are especially good in this specific track. You can just feel the anger and pain in Mike Barnes' performance.

Overall: So yeah this was a good album, not a chart maker in my opinion but still one good album! I wish they incorporated a bit more variety in their sound, though.

Rating: 7.5/10

BTG Staff's Additional Thoughts

Declaration is the seventh full-length studio effort from RED. They're a post-hardcore/hard rock act that almost doesn't need an introduction at this point. Declaration is a return to the RED we all know and love. Their previous record, Gone was a departure from their signature sound and is my least favorite album in their discography. Without the constraints of a record label, Declaration picks up right where that album left off with "Of Beauty and Rage". This is hands down one of their best albums to date. Red has been around for close to 20 years now, and with this album, they’re declaring that there’s more still left in the tank.

Favorite tracks: Cauterize and From The Ashes

Rating: 8.5/10

Written by: Jeffrey A.