Review: Dawnbreaker - Total Depravity

Ton Ringenier
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Record Label: Christian Metal Underground Records

Release Date: September 28, 2019

Album length: 43 Minutes

Genre: Black Metal

Cullen Toner is the man behind the blackened metal band Dawnbreaker. He does all the vocals and instrumentals himself. The first album Deus Vult has released in 2018 the new one that I will write a review about is called Total Depravity. He has a record deal with Vision of God records who are doing a great job by signing this talented guy. This album will leave a great impression if you're in love with the more extreme metal bands in the scene. To name a few bands; Crimson Moonlight, Skald in Veum, Bloodwork, and Wintersoul. I advise you to listen to this album as a whole. You will find oud that all of the songs are connected. The albums start off with the sound of sirens or horns and a calm guitar for only 40 seconds, then the throttle opens completely, furious but majestic sounding riffs and extremely fast blast beats are fired at us. I also want to mention the very good icy and haunting sounding vocals from Cullen, very well done. It reminds me very much of the vocals of Armoth from Wintersoul. Between some songs you can catch your breath, I think it’s a good job otherwise it would go on and on without being able to sink in. The thing I really like is the majestic and brutal sounding riffs in every full track. The length of the album is good for this kind of extreme metal. The production is good. The only thing that could be better in my opinion is to introduce some more variety in the drums and perhaps adding a little bit more melody from the keyboard or maybe piano or something. Please note this is my opinion because I like a bit more melodic sounding black metal. The album ends with spoken words about the ruins of Babylon. The lyrics are boldly Christian, I like it very much. Many portions are derived straight from the Bible. We remain in our depravity when we don’t seek refuge in the word of God. Christ is the Living Word of truth and justice. For example, these are the lyrics from the first song Man of War, from Exodus:

The LORD is a man of war The LORD is his name! (15:2) He is my strength and song... And my salvation... He is my God and I'll prepare him a habitation Many preach solely on morality And cower from truth: our faith's harsh realities God's wrath is scorching, his plagues severe Christianity is war! In the spiritual fierce battle is waged Will you align with the greatest warrior? Perfect are his ways, the Lord of Hosts Glory to the Lord, the man of war! I worship the LORD! Glory to the man of war!

Rating: 8.5/10

Reason: I would recommend adding a little bit more melodic parts a little bit more variation in the drums to reach 10 out of 10.