Review: Hard Look - The Great Tribulation

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Band: HARD LOOK (opens new window)

Album: The Great Tribulation

Release Date: August 18, 2020

Record Label: Independent

Genre: Industrial Metal/Metalcore

Album length: 26 minutes

  1. Prelude (01:06)
  2. Genesis (04:32)
  3. The Great Tribulation (03:26)
  4. Digital Dystopia (03:20)
  5. Trepidation (03:37)
  6. Quarantine (03:06)
  7. Baptized by Fire (03:20)
  8. Light of the World (03:19

Hard Look is a one-man project made by Christopher Johnson. Christopher has an amazing testimony; "I was atheist for a long time and hated Christianity and the whole 9 and my life was spiraling down into hell and I recall listening to Nailed Dead Risen by Impending Doom and reading the lyric book from the cd and I started crying and I felt tingles all over my body and it was my first real encounter with the Holy Spirit. I kept reading and would be interested in the biblical references, found other super heavy Christian bands, and did the same, so next thing you know this atheist is reading the Bible. I learned more and more and became 100% convinced of the truth of Christianity. I’ve been a musician for many years and I kept thinking “man I wish there were more killer Christian bands” and I didn’t know how to record or produce anything, but I kept feeling that little voice telling me to just learn it and do it. So I set out to start a heavy Christian band too so that I may be able to reach kids in the darker corners of the earth just like I was. Hoping to do work for the Kingdom through this band. The idea of the name comes from... you have to stop and take a hard look at what lies ahead of us and that is tribulation, apocalypse, death, etc. and the ONLY salvation is through the Lord Jesus Christ. I’m taking a hard stance with this band and using it to begin my ministry."

Lyrically: The lyrics on this album pack both hard truth and God's love. The listener is warned of the coming time and also assured that God can bring them redemption. The lyrics also address the internal struggle and the sovereign power of God.

Sonically: Just a couple genres that this project is inspired by are Industrial Metal ( which I personally think is amazing ) and Metalcore. Sound effects can be heard in the album ( such as a bell tolling, and sirens sounding ) providing an ominous blanket of atmosphere. Christopher also did an amazing job matching the Industrial ( the more electronic sounds ) elements with the grilling riffs and pounding drums! The vocals excellently executed with harsh delivery.

Favorite track: Trepidation Trepidation starts with an ominous electronic type voice breaking into static leading the listener into a barrage of relentless guitar work, thumping drums.

Overall: This is a fantastic release, I highly recommend you looking further into it!

Rating: 9/10

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