Review: ÆNON - The Comforter [EP]

Erik Morgan
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Band: ÆNON

Album: The Comforter-EP

Genre: Progressive/Melodic Metalcore

Release Date: July 10, 2020


  1. Pensive
  2. Korczak
  3. Despite All This
  4. In All Honesty
  5. The Comforter

There have been a handful of instances in life where I have sat down and listened to a metal/metalcore record, and one of the first thoughts that came to my mind was “beautiful,” and this is one of them. ÆNON comprises Andrew Wakem (vocals), Luke Denniss and Brendan Mari (Guitars), Tristan Fairall (Bass), and Thom Werlemann (Drums and Vocals). They are a Progressive Metalcore band from N.S.W, Australia.

Vocal Styles: Throughout this offering, the listener is greeted with screams and calming clean vocals. The screams are intense, well done, and there is an urgency to them. This is not someone standing in a room bored while screaming, attention is demanded at every corner of this EP vocally. The clean vocals offer a nice calm break from the intensity of how heavy this record is. The vocals are very well produced and sound amazing in the mix.

Sound, Production, and Music: As stated earlier on, ÆNON are a Progressive Metalcore band, so go into this expecting a lot of technical playing. With complex guitar sections, even some synth elements that are always welcome. Chunky riffs and rhythm sections drive every song on this EP forward. As mentioned with the vocalists, the mix is amazing. Everything is clear, every instrument has a chance to shine throughout. There is even a saxophone section at the halfway point of “The Comforter” that took me by surprise and warranted an instant replay. Nothing overtakes the other in this mix, with guitars and drums being put at the very front along with the vocals. Nothing is a side thought with this EP, everything and everyone involved has a purpose that needs to be acknowledged.

Final Thoughts and Rating: ÆNON are a special type of metalcore band that honestly made me think of beauty while listening to this EP. Through the fast, heavy, and technical instrumentation, that was my first thought. This instantly sets them apart from the pack because there are plenty of heavy bands, there aren’t enough heavy and beautiful bands. It should be noted that while there are melodic elements on this record, ÆNON doesn’t seem to let that be the main focus of their songs here, but rather having that driving force of rhythm mixed with the technical picking lead the way, with vocals conforming to the instrumentation. Every song on this EP is a standout, but if I had to pick two “Korczak” and “The Comforter” would be those two.

Rating: 9/10

Reason: There is plenty to love during this EP’s short runtime, but some more synthy elements would have been nice to hear, and some songs could’ve been just a tad bit longer.

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