Review: Implement - Bleeding Alone

Ton Ringenier
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Band: Implement

Album: Bleeding Alone

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date: July 12, 2019

Album-length: 37 Minutes


  1. Wrekage (Intro)
  2. Infernum Brothel
  3. Worm in My Brain
  4. Bleeding Alone
  5. Grave of Desire
  6. Pentecostal Insanity
  7. The Keys of Hell
  8. Red Flag
  9. Great Terror
  10. Catacomb
  11. Mirror of Ilusion

Implement is a death metal band from Brazil. The band is formed in 2002. There the first effort was a demo called Decaptated. Last year they have released their full-length Bleeding Alone. I think if you like bands as Crimson Thorn or Mortification's earlier work, you will like this album.

The album starts with the sound of an alarm ringing and a helicopter. Possibly it has something to do with a sound of war. Then the first song Infernum Brothel starts a very decent song, nice heavy sounding guitars and some good grunts coming through. This album is without a bad song, all the songs are enjoyable. However, the first part of the album lacks some variation in the vocals and there are few guitar solos over there. The quality of the songs is better on the second part of the album, the song Keys of Hell is a highlight on the album, this song has a great variation in tempo and sounds a bit more technical than other songs. And after this song, we have Red Flag, a song with two guitar solos in it. Catacomb has the best vocals on it, very low sounding guitars just like the vocals! By any means, this is a decent release, and it’s good to have another quality old school death metal band in the scene.

The lyrics are good. Socially undesirable behavior is denounced, there are warnings about false prophets, and Satan and the track Bleeding Alone contains the fact that one of the thieves on the cross is forever bleeding in darkness but the other one will join with Jesus in paradise. sins such as pride and desire are also emphasized. that life empty without God and Satan lurk for these shortcomings of man. A lot of different topics, very well done.

Rating: 7.5/10

Reason: It's a decent release. It lacks some variation in the vocals and maybe with some more guitar solos on it makes it a bit more interesting. The lyrics are pretty good!

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