Review: Luther's Hammer - Strength to Stand [EP]

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Band: Luther's Hammer

Album: Strength to Hammer

Record Label: Independent

Release Date: March 13, 2020

Album-length: 10 Minutes

Genre: Hardcore-punk


  1. Luther's Intro (00:25)
  2. Yahweh Saves (02:47)
  3. Strength to Stand (02:10)
  4. Trust in the Lord (02:06)
  5. Repent & Believe (03:03)

Luther's Hammer is a Christ-centered hardcore band from Jacksonville, North Carolina. Strength to Stand is their debut EP, which they released independently and is superb for a debut release. The message of this EP is straight to the point and as a believer, it was refreshing to hear.

This EP has 4 songs and an intro. The length of the songs is short as with most hardcore songs. The album intro is taken from the 1953 movie, Martin Luther and it perfectly sums up the message of the record:

“If you leave a Christian to live only by faith if you sweep away all good works all these glorious things you dismiss as mere crutches, what will you put in their place?”

“Christ. Man only needs Jesus Christ.”

Lyrically, the album is very direct and in-your-face. Thematically, the album covers topics like; salvation in Christ alone, defending one’s faith as a soldier of Christ by His grace and strength, the persecution of Christians will receive for our profession and trusting in the Lord. “Repent, believe, repent of worldly wisdom”, perfectly sums up the message of Strength to Stand.

Sonically, the EP is fast and aggressive. Speedy aggressive guitars, riffs, power chords, and ferocious blast beats. Very energetic songs that keep you moving, head banging and even singing along. The vocals in this album range from shouting to screaming. “Strength to Stand” is one song on this EP with a catchy melodic chorus; “When they kick our door, who’s gonna stand, who’s gonna stand up for their Lord”.

Overall this is a solid EP, terrific but short. It has a very melodic and aggressive sound with straight-forward Christ-centered lyrics that drive the songs and will keep you moving. As someone who’s not super into this genre, I was thoroughly impressed and have listened to it several times. If you are Christian, then you will love this EP because of the amazing and true lyrics, if not still a very good listen.

Favorite Tracks: Strength to Stand, Repent & Believe.

Rating: 8/10

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