Review: His Kingdom Suffers - Spiritual Warfare

Jeremy Prince
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Band: His Kingdom Suffers

Song: Spiritual Warfare

Release Date: November 13, 2020

Record Label: Independent

Genre: Progressive Death Metal / Deathcore

So right of the top, I want to admit that I’m not super familiar with the Grindcore genre. Wait what’s that you say, “This isn’t a grindcore band”. Okay, so we’re looking at a Chainsawcore band then (I’m trademarking that). In all seriousness, when a request came in to review His Kingdom Suffers' new single Spiritual Warfare I was ready for some Deathcore in my life. I was not ready for what awaited me here.

Spiritual Warfare starts off with a blast beat, I dare you to tell me you hear much else past that for the first minute or so of the song. Earlier I joked about a chainsaw but that’s pretty much what this sounds like, so fast and unrelenting. They change things up ever so slightly going machine-gun style at around the 30-second mark before returning to the onslaught. At roughly a minute in the instruments, I am assuming there’s more than one here, drop out slowing the song ever so slightly while the vocalist screams, and they hit us with a breakdown? This whole song is so intense I’m not sure breakdown is the right word. Mind you the do hit us with another around 2:20. There’s a kind of drum solo at 2:50 that transitions into a cool djenty section of the song that then returns to the blasting before ending on a slow horror movie sounding single cord plucking. When the band tones down the blast beats, there is a very impressive technical guitar sound that I would love to hear more of.

The vocals on this song are simply incredible. I’m going to assume there are two vocalists since there are minute-long sections where a single singer wouldn’t be able to breathe. We range in the song from deep inhales, to high screams with stops for death growls and metalcore/hardcore yelling along the way. While a lot of deathcore bands will feature a couple styles these guys hit everything. The back and forth of the two reminds me quite a bit of Despised Icon’s vocal delivery.

I got to read the lyrics before listening to the song, and honestly, I’m glad I got to read them as there is no way I’d have picked out much on my own. They deal with spiritual warfare (no the title did not give that away) and struggling with rampant sin. It’s fairly standard topics for this genre and a lot of the more extreme genres. My concern here though is the first stanza and its reference to satanic Luciferians, global banking systems, and new world order. I’m hoping that in context with the other songs this is telling some kind of story or has a point and that it isn’t simply a fixation with end-time conspiracy theories. While at times I do find that sort of thing interesting, anyone taking that to seriously concerns me. I don’t want to see people jumping at shadows or focusing on the evil that needs to be overcome instead of doing good and being loving and spreading the word as Jesus called us to.

I did go and listen to their other recent single Suffering of the Mind and found that this song seems to be a bit of an anomaly, as they play a more standard (albeit great) Deathcore fare. I’ll be interested to hear what else is coming and how this song fits in the grander scheme. Some issues with the lyrical content and needing to get over the shock to the system this was initially was, I greatly enjoyed it and highly recommend it to anyone who needs the aural assault you’re going to get.

Rating: I’m not sure what to go with here. I think I’ll wait to hear more and hear it in context. Just know that it is a great song.