Review: Dalit - Moksha

Ton Ringenier
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Genre: Doom/Death Metal
Release Date: January 15, 2021
Album Length: 42 Minutes
Record Label: Independent

Track list:

  1. Sons of Adam, Daughters of Eve 05:12
  2. The Best of All Possible Worlds 06:58
  3. Starlight 04:42
  4. Anthem 05:41
  5. Hallways of Sadness 04:40
  6. Red (pt. I) 02:36
  7. Red (pt. II) 05:10
  8. Fra Jord til Støv 06:19

Dalit is a doom/death metal band from Norway. They have released two demos in 2017 and 2018, and also they have released their self-titled album in 2009 and six years later the album Descent. And now they are back with the new album called Moshka. I think 2021 will be a very good year for the Christian scene, many bands in the scene will release new stuff! Something to look forward to. The members of the band Dalit are also involved in some other bands, some bands are not active anymore, but to name a few, Stronghold was an amazing black metal band by any means. You have to check out that material. Aspiration is another band with members of Dalit. And more recently the blackened doom metal band Cloth.

Let's start off with the song Sons of Adam, Daughters of Eve. The song begins with a calmly piano intro. But immediately we hear some very low tuned guitars and that's what we are used to from this band. Songs with a mid-tempo and variation in the vocals, mostly the grunting and screaming once from Cato and Erik. But in this beautiful song, we also hear the female vocals from Guro, who also contributed to other albums of the band. Excellent song to start with.

The second song on this album is The Best of All Possible Worlds, this track starts with a slightly faster tempo, and builds at a slow pace, and again it contains the beautiful vocals of Guro, I think this is a very nice addition to the more aggressive vocals, it gives more variety to this great doom/death metal album.

Starlight is the third track on the album. And this song was the first song that was available to listen to. So I have listened to this song quite a few times now. It has a very addictive grooving feeling on it, it reminds me a little bit of the song Janus from their other project Cloth. Without sounding the same, to be honest! Around the second minute, we have a nice progressive instrumental passage. I really like this song. And the most beautiful passage in this song is when the clean vocals are coming in at the end.

Anthem is the next track on this album, possibly my favorite song from this album. Those very melodic riffs somewhat remind me of the secular metal band Insomnium, a band I have listened to very much a few years ago. It has all the ingredients I like, melodic riffs, haunting vocals, and some clean parts. It's just an addictive song.

Hallways of Sadness is again a very enjoyable melodic doom metal song. Just a very well executed track, with a nice outro of the organ. Red Part 1 is a short instrumental passage with the spoken words and singing of Guro, she has such a nice voice, it serves as an introduction to the next song Red Part 2. This song builds up to an emotional and majestic climax.

Red Part 2 is a song with a very sad undertone but in a positive sense. It is an emotional song with a context that contains something with the search for light in dark days. The members are doing very well with the variation between aggressive and calm passages, a big shout out to the members of the band, great song again. Together with Anthem, Fra Jord til Støv is to my favorite tracks on this album. The lyrics are sung in Norwegian and possibly that's one of the reasons this song is successful. Another thing I really like is the tranquility brought by the drums. This makes it sound very worn. An emotional song with very nice melodic sounding riffs, a nice haunting build-up with the grunts and clean vocals of Guro.

Rating: 8.5/10

Reason: I rate this album 8.5 out of 10, only because it's 20 minutes too short. I am a little bit joking but there is literally room for improvement. A longer duration of the next album is fine for me because the quality of this release is immense. I am pretty sure the next release will be even better.

BTG Staff's Second Opinion

Dalit is a Norwegian Death/Doom band with notorious Blackened Doom Metal influences. Two of its members are Christians, which shows on its contemplative and spiritual lyrics.

Dalit is a band that has grown a reputation in the scene, with its two previous albums, Dalit (2009) and Descent (2015), that put them on the radar of every Doom Metal lover, due to its versatile sound that can be Melodic but without losing Heaviness. This band is interesting because their style has many contrasts, taking influences from classic Old School Doom Metal, but also executing it in a very modern way, which a sound that is definitely unique and refreshing for the Doom Metal scene. They also have this Blackened element, which sometimes makes them be labeled as Blackened Doom Metal, which might be because of the vocalist’s style that is between an Old School Death Metal scream and a classic Black Metal high, and some of the guitar riffs that successfully evoke Black Metal. I would not call the Blackened Doom, because of the rhythmic structure and most of the riffs are nearer Death/Doom than other genres, and the vocals have always made me remember Pantokrator’s kind of vocals, but I think this mixture between Black/Doom and Death/Doom is carefully executed and it only emphasizes their sound and makes it richer. As usual, this band also displays some Atmospheric, Progressive, Symphonic, and Gothic elements that give their sound different dimensions with every song.

Moksha starts with the amazing track, Sons of Adam, Daughters of Eve, which has some beautiful symphonic instrumentation at the beginning, and successfully continues it with an amazing melody, and powerful riffs. In my opinion, they took a heavier direction with this album, and they actually focus more on a melancholic sound, with more riffs that remind me of a Melodic Black Metal album, also having some blast beats at some points of the song. But after all, this is Dalit, and this is not all about heaviness, they still have some beautiful interludes, that elevate the atmosphere, and make it more deep and introspective. I got to say that the female vocals on this album, are my favorites for sure, honestly, in their first record, I wasn’t totally into them, but they were so sweetly added to this album, that they´re just amazing. The Best of All Possible Worlds, follows the same energy, but with a more intense riff. What I love about this record is that you feel the music is not pressured, every riff, every beat, everything in this album takes its time, it feels fluid and pure.

When I listen to Dalit, I know I´m going to find thoughtfully written lyrics, but this record stepped that up, I feel they were written with the heart and needed to be expressed, every word fits the music, and I totally appreciate their message. In both songs, the lyricist is talking of humanity from a very spiritual perspective, and I catch a beautiful reflection, we can be better, we just do not, know how to, and that is why we need the Lord in our lives. Deep, spiritual, dark, but always with a Light we can reach. That is Dalit.

Starlight and Anthem have my favorite drums on the album, they´re beautifully produced, and they´re very enjoyable, giving an Old School vibe to the song, actually, the melody and the atmosphere of these songs, evoke the Melodic sound of Scandinavian Metal perfectly. I love the riffs on these songs, and the bass work is at least exceptional, you could know this band is from Norway, only by listening to its riff. Hallways of Sadness is an outstanding sound for me, lyrically and musically I had never listened to something with this emotion before, the concept of humanity that´s looking for perfection, but can´t find it by itself feels in every line the vocalist sings, really expressive vocals.

Red (Pt. I) must be the best intro song that I have ever listened to, you can feel the atmosphere growing powerfully, this lady´s voice might sound quiet, but the amount of power behind her voice is amazing and it can be palpable at this song. When you listen to it, and the guitar riffs, it gives you that sensation of “SOMETHING BIG IS COMING NEXT”. And that point of musical climax is where Red (Pt. II) starts, and it is my favorite Dalit song till the date, a masterpiece from start to end, the melody, the riffs, the atmosphere, the almost desolating feeling the drumbeat gives, and the vocals, it’s just perfect, beautiful. It gave me goosebumps and I have to say it does justice to the message they´re transmitting with its lyrics. It´s not only a scream for salvation, it shows the pain of a life without Light, the emptiness of being only dust that will return to dust, but they acclaim that RED salvation from The Lord. Norwegian Metal at its finest. This masterpiece could only be concluded by such a beautiful piece of art like Fra Jord Til Støv, the perfect end for this album, probably the most beautiful of them, with great symphonic chords, and it feels like a happy ending for this painful story Dalit presented us as Moksha. Its lyrics were in Norwegian, but the translation of this song is saying God is our forgiver, and He didn´t have to do save us, but he decided that way, because of his love.

Lyrically and musically, this album is a masterpiece, that is without any doubt, my favorite Dalit release, with some of the best riffs of the whole Christian scene, and I could easily say this is an album that places Dalit as one of the most talented artists of the Death/Doom scene. It´s an album that is definitely dark but at the same time it leaves you with a happy message and some of its riffs are actually very uplifting. Totally recommended for fans of secular bands like My Dying Bride, Draconian, My Silent Wake, Swallow The Sun, Paradise Lost, and Anathema. And for fans of the Christian bands Sáwol. Paramaecium, Groms, Schaliach, Anemia, Morphia, and Ashen Mortality. But I’d like to add, that if you´ve never been into Death/Doom, this album would be great to make you love the genre.

Rating: 9.7/10

Favorite Tracks: Red (Pt I and Pt II), Sons of Adam, Daughters of Eve, The Best of All Possible Worlds, and Anthem.

WRITTEN BY: Gorship777