Review: Reflections of Glory - Escape the Dream

Ton Ringenier
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Genre: Symphonic Power Metal
Release Date: January 30, 2021
Album Length: 1 hour 10 Minutes
Record Label: Independent

Track list:

  1. The Hound of Heaven 12:42
  2. Holy War 05:13
  3. The Curse Within My Blood 04:33
  4. Demon in Me 05:56
  5. Folly of the Fall 04:27
  6. Sleep With the Lie 04:03
  7. Dreams 02:17
  8. The Mirror 05:06
  9. Battle of The Alphas 04:16
  10. Graves of Craving 04:57
  11. Beyond Evermore 7:25
  12. Escape the Dream 8:58

Reflection of Glory is a solo project, the music is written, recorded, and produced by Barry Dreier. Escape the Dream is his latest effort. What came to mind was that Theocracy also began as a solo project by Matt Smith. So what can we expect from this project? At least quality symphonic power metal.

This is the sophomore original album of Reflection of Glory, with the debut being Reborn. The quality of this album is impressive, especially for this is a one-man project. The sound but also the instrumentation is high level. I had to get used to the vocals because it is somewhat different compared to many other power metal bands. Barry has a more tenor sound, it's less high-pitched than many other bands. But this is maybe a great way to distinguish yourself from other bands in this genre. And actually, he has a pleasant voice. Certain parts sound heavenly.

The opener of this album is an extremely long one. It is called The Hound of Heaven, a song with a majestic opener. And many various instrumental passages without sounding repetitive. A great song to set the mood for the album. You will hear some more orchestral parts later on this album. The Hound of Heaven and Battle of the Alphas are the songs with the more orchestral passages and influences.

Escape the Dream also contains faster and power metal songs like Demons In Me, Graves of Craving, and Beyond Evermore, the more ballad-like or more mellow songs, like the Folly of the Fall, Sleep with the Lie (an excellent one, to be honest) and The Mirror. Dreams is an instrumental song with a passage that sounds a bit dissonant, by the way, I do not mean that it is a false tone. The last song, Escape the Dream is also an instrumental one, and I have to admit a fantastic one. Besides listening to metal, I also like film music or military marching music. So it's not that bad to end a song like this reminds a little of a fragment of Epica's The Score An Epic Journey.

As a fan of the more extreme metal genres, I would have liked to hear some faster and power-driven songs. This does not detract from the quality of this album. Beyond Evermore one of the most enjoyable songs on the album. With some very nice heavy riffs with great orchestral passages, and also some better vocal passages. The Curse Within My Blood is also a highlight of this album. I think the best song on Escape the Dream. It has an awesome guitar solo at the end, which is the icing on the cake.

Lyrically, Barry deals with the concept of how humanity lavishes in this “dream” world. Here is all there is to live for, and there is nothing beyond. However, beyond our eyes, there is a true spiritual reality. God sovereignly works in our lives, through trials and tribulations, to help us Escape the Dream. This album is exceptionally rich in Biblical and theological truths.

"How can I rail against the gates of hell

When I can't defeat the evil in myself?

Yet still, this Savior fights for me

Cancelling the debt of my iniquity

Pierced by the scales of justice to set me free

Oh my God help me believe" - Holy War

This album was a pleasure to listen to. Barry is a talented guy with a great future. Many great songs, enough variation, and the production is phenomenal. If you are a fan of bands like Theocracy and Northern Flame or Divinefire, this is an album you have to listen to. Symphonic power metal at its finest.

Rating: 8.5/10

Reason: In my opinion, the album could have had a slightly rougher approach, but that is a personal preference and it doesn’t greatly affect the score.

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