Review: Bury Thy Demons - Demo(2020)

Gabriel Mesones
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Band: Bury Thy Demons

Record Label: Independent

Release Date: 2020

Length: 9:00

Genre: Death Metal


  1. 3 Nails
  2. In the Shadow of Goliath

Bury Thy Demons is a new Christian death metal band with a really solid sound that kept me head-banging since their first riff started. Even though they are not strictly focused on an old school death metal sound, you can hear many influences from many bands from the Christian scene. It will instantly make you think of bands like Living Sacrifice, Becoming the Archetype, Soul Embraced, Shadow Puncher, and Immortal Souls. But what I like the most about these guys is that even though you pick up on death/groove metal and melodic death metal influences they don’t get stuck in any sound, they deliver a powerful and pure death metal sound. The music has all the intensity it needs. It's groovy and melodic but not too far into any of both sides. It's well balanced and I think their riff quality and naturally, the dense sound is the closest thing we have had in the Christian Scene to the secular death metal titans Bolt Thrower. Which I find refreshing and unique.

3 Nails is a total banger, with riffs that sound heavy, and will put a Metal grimace in your face since the very beginning, with awesome guitar work, that is fast and groovy. I have to give my respects to these guys because there is a great composition talent behind this sound. It has that point where its sound is simple and easy to digest, but you also understand how elaborated it is. Great construction of the song that starts intense and keeps that intensity through the whole song, with a great bass and guitar work, incredible drums, which double kick bass is amazing, and the cymbals are just on point for me. Those vocals are superb too, savage, intense, and full of technique, they sound very natural and fluid.

In the Shadow of Goliath starts with a darker riff, and an interesting drumbeat, that keeps you paying attention. A really enjoyable death metal song in all senses. That keeps this death metal pureness, it is a sound that is not oriented to any musical niche but can be enjoyed by any death metal fan. Not too heavy, definitely far from being soft, it's just balanced; there is no way you cannot like this! They also had a production that was not exaggerated but also isn’t too raw. This song was an awesome projection from the beginning and did justice to the magnificent riff these guys introduced to us at the start of the song.

This album is also very rich lyrically, with verses that are encouraging and pretty positive about the strength we find in Jesus and the incomparable value of his sacrifice, which not only saves us but also gives us life and freedom. These two songs talk about victory and faith and most importantly glorify God.

I am pretty excited about what these guys can do next. If their promo was this good, what are they capable of in their further releases? I’m just thrilled we have a band like this in the scene and hope to listen to more from them soon. They know what they´re doing, and I recommend you to keep an eye on them because if they´re doing more music like this, they are definitely going to impact positively the scene.

Rating: 8.5/10

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