El Gibbor - Tormented(Single)

Jeffrey Agyepong
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Band: El Gibbor

Single: Tormented

Record Label: Vision of God Records

Genre: Black Metal

Release Date: March 5th, 2021


“How long will you torment me
and depress me with words? You have insulted me ten times now.
You’re not even ashamed of mistreating me. Even if it were true that I’ve made a mistake without realizing it,
my mistake would affect only me. If you are trying to make yourselves look better than me
by using my disgrace as an argument against me, then I want you to know that Eloah has wronged me
and surrounded me with his net. Indeed, I cry, ‘Help! I’m being attacked!’ but I get no response.
I call for help, but there is no justice. “Eloah has blocked my path so that I can’t go on.
He has made my paths dark."

Even after my skin has been stripped off my body,
I will see Eloah in my own flesh. I will see him with my own eyes,
not with someone else’s.
My heart fails inside me! “You say,
‘We will persecute him!
The root of the problem is found in him.’ Fear death,
because your anger is punishable by death.
Then you will know there is a judge.”

Band Members:

Azhael - Vocals

Sabat - Guitar

Ruah - Bass

Fire - Guitar

Pathos - Drums

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Ruah - Ascending King

Pathos - Symphony of Heaven

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