Review: OneMustFall - Hollow Man (Single)

Ton Ringenier
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Band: OneMustFall

Single: Hollow Man

Record Label: Independent

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date: March 19, 2020

Melodic metal band, OneMustFall are is to release a new single called Hollow Man off their upcoming EP Reclaim The Victory on 19th March. This song features Olli Helenius, who is the lead singer of Ocean Dark, another new and very promising band from Finland. It's great to see and welcome some new quality melodic metal bands to the Christian metal scene.

I had the privilege of doing a review of the first single called From Ashes I Rise. In that review (opens new window), I guessed we would also hear songs with a higher tempo, and guess what that's exactly the case. It starts with a magnificent keyboard interlude, and then the guitars kick in with a pretty aggressive but beautiful melodic riff. I completely understand why they have asked Olli to sing a song for them. The man has a delightful voice, a perfect fit for a melodic metal song like this.

I have been listening to metal for about 18 years now and these days mostly to Christian metal acts. The thing is, we need Christian metal bands with a sound like this. Of course, we have bands like Narnia, Gloriam Dei, Northern Flame to name a few, but this is slightly different. Secular bands who came to mind were Stratovarius and I hear some Children of Bodem influences in the keyboard section.

I think we can say that we will have a fantastic EP to look forward to, so support this band!

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