Review: We Are Victory - Afterglow

Erik Morgan
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Band: We Are Victory

Album: Afterglow

Genre: Metalcore/Post Hardcore/Electronicore

Record label: Independent

Release date: April 2, 2021

Album length: 40 Minutes


  1. Prelude 1:52

  2. Parasight 3:33

  3. Resurgence 3:33

  4. These Walls 4:12

  5. Promise 4:17

  6. Words Won’t Define 4:13

  7. No Comfort in Me 4:35

  8. So Long 4:53

  9. No Regrets 4:19

  10. Afterglow 4:17

We Are Victory is an American metalcore band based out of Clarksville, Tennessee comprising of Jay Latham (Vocals), Bobby Joe Witt(Lead Guitar), and Lael Joubert(Bass), and Jason Henderson(Drums). Afterglow is their third full-length record and easily one of my most anticipated releases of this year.

Lyrics: Lyrically, they wear their heart on their sleeve as they cover sensitive topics with an incredible amount of honesty and boldness. The concept is based on observing bands that once professed Christ, sell-out, and fall away from the faith. This is a sad reality and needs to be addressed, courageous of them to do so. There are many other themes scattered throughout the record, from finding solace in Christ after losing a loved one, recognizing one's failing and pleading to God for forgiveness, to the ultimate struggle against the flesh, and finding one's identity in Christ.

" As my path
To walk this straight and narrow
Your will be done
We are your bride
Though some days
We lose our way
You’ll guide us home With love untold" - No Comfort in Me

Production: Afterglow was produced by guitarist Bobby Joe Witt (XrevelationstudiosX (opens new window)) and he did an excellent job. These guys know exactly what they are doing in the studio. Both musically and through the technology that they are using. Every instrument is discernible throughout the album. Nothing overtakes the show and that is hard to pull off. When there is a need for something to shine through the mix, it does, before being put back into place. These may be small details, but they are hard to get right in the studio, but We Are Victory gets these things right.

Sound and Style: This album features many aspects of metal and hardcore, ranging from outright metalcore to post-hardcore while mixing in melodic and electronic elements. There is something here, literally, for everyone that loves metal. My favorite parts were the electronic sections, which there is a fair amount of, this may turn some people off, but even if you do not care for the electronic parts, I encourage you to give We Are Victory a shot. One thing that stuck out to me was that there was no auto-tune (at least from what I could tell). Such a breath of fresh air for a project like this. Just pure talent and nothing less. That said, this is a niche mix of styles and sounds. People that enjoy bands like I See Stars and early Jamie's Elsewhere will love this album. With that said, this album could have used more electronic elements with the other instruments.

Final Thoughts: This review is short, but that is intentional. I want people to listen to this album and form their own opinions about what they hear. What you need to know; We Are Victory sounds fantastic with plenty of heaviness, both in lyrics and songwriting. Afterglow is a relentless offering.

Rating: 8.5/10

Reason: The only thing holding this record back from being a perfect 10 is that it is shorter with only 10 songs. I was left wanting more in all the right ways. One more thing is I would have liked more of is the electronic elements. However, this is a very high 8.5 and I look forward to what comes next from these metalcore maestros.

Editor's Note: The section on lyrics was written by Jeffrey A.