New Single: Marble Tomb - No Horizon(feat. DC Mills of Vials of Wrath) [Black Metal]

Jeffrey Agyepong
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Band: Marble Tomb

Singles: No Horizon(feat. DC Mills of Vials of Wrath)

Record Label: Independent

Genre: Black Metal

Release Date: May 20, 2021

Cast from the kingdom

Expelled from the light

You angelic antagonist

Condemned to lurk the night

Horrific prophecies in flesh

Your only purpose is pain

Possessed by the black void

That calls your name

Ensnaring the faithful

In a spiritual assault

You are the one

The lost and broken exalt

Your fangs gleam

In the realm of despair

Imprisoning mankind

As the inferno flares

In your everlasting solitude

Fear cast over your soul

You are now forever disposed

Into the rain of scorn that will

Scorch your consciousness

Until your final death takes hold

The braying moans

Will echo from your fiery grave

Divine reprisal

For the ones you've enslaved

The murder, the torture, the death and disease

Your suffering will encompass all of these

Author of lies, destined to die

Sentenced to nonexistence, for unholy resistance

In your infernal tomb horizon

At your final doom horizon

When you sink into flame horizon

Arrogance to blame horizon


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