Review: InnerSiege - Fury of Ages

Arthur Ramsey
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Band: InnerSiege

Album: Fury of Ages

Genre: Power Metal

Record label: No Dust Records (EU) / Qumran Records (North America)

Release Date: June 11, 2021

Album length: 48 Minutes

Track List:

  1. ​ Calling For Violence (4:41)
  2. ​ Reborn (4:27)
  3. ​ Firewind (5:38)
  4. ​ Virtuous Iniquity (1:48)
  5. ​ Echoes Into Eternity (4:54)
  6. ​ World of Darkness (3:58)
  7. ​ Power. Metal. Glory. (4:47)
  8. ​ Iron Lotus (4:37)
  9. ​ Stronghold (4:29)
  10. ​ Hero (4:37)
  11. ​ World on Fire (3:53)

Power. Metal. Glory.


Like the other sub-genres of metal (or any music for that matter), power metal can become a little stale if it sticks too close to the fundamentals. It needs something to set it apart from the other fist-raising and leather-gauntlet-clad masters of the heavy arts. At the same time, drifting too far from those basic foundations and incorporating elements alien to the sub-genre risks turning off both established and potential fans as well. It’s a delicate balance, but InnerSiege walk this tight rope with ease.

First off, the guitar work on this album is stunning. Guitarists Kev Grose and J.L. Prater never disappoint, and I found myself looking forward to seeing what they would bring to each successive track. The first track lets you know you’re in for a treat when the classical guitar solo kicks in. Killer playing is on display for nearly every minute of this album. These guys are a real delight to listen to. And, while not as flashy as the fretwork, the drumming of Wade Helm is solid and he carries the groove like a true professional.

No power metal band is complete without a vocalist who has the chops to transport the listener to epic and triumphant lands. Vocalist, Jeremy Ray carries that considerable weight and then some, often reminding me somewhat of Queensrÿche’s Geoff Tate or Iced Earth’s Matt Barlow, especially in the lower register delivery. I would actually like to hear Ray hitting the high notes more often, which is one of the few points of criticism I would give to this album. When he really lets loose it elevates the songs to another level.

Ray’s lyrics are also of note, exploring themes of redemption, the battle against sin, Christian unity, and the Christians reliance on Christ but some other themes are here as well that have no doubt been at the forefront of many Christians minds in the tumultuous times we’ve found ourselves in over recent years. Also sure to be a show highlight is the track “Power. Metal. Glory.” which is an epic heavy metal anthem that will surely have fists and hair filling the air of their live shows.

On an album that already has more than a few surprises, one big surprise, in a few senses of the word, is the performance of Ravn Furfjord. If the name rings a bell, Ravn is the guitarist and vocalist for Norwegian black metal masters Frosthardr. Here, he’s showing that he’s not only quite the accomplished bass player but he also lends his voice to the songs “World of Darkness” and “Call for Violence”. His vocals have a way of sneaking up on the listener, and for me every time they do it brings a smile to my face. I’m not sure how Ravn came to join the rest of this Illinois metal crew but his contributions here are most excellent.

All of this is held together by a very good production. I would personally like to hear a little more of bass guitar in the mix but otherwise everything sounds great.

I would definitely recommend this record to any fan of heavy metal or power metal, and believe there’s something for everyone who is into these genres and maybe even for those who aren’t or weren’t before.

Rating: 8.5/10

Favorite track: World of Darkness

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