New Single: Theody - Tempest [Rock]

Jeffrey Agyepong
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Band: Theody

Single: Tempest

Record Label: Independent

Genre: Rock

Release Date: June 11, 2021


Oh the tide is rising high
I see the signs but I'm powerless
Feel the rush overcoming me
Don't let my fate be the cold abyss

Tell me why do I obsess
Oh these waves are so relentless
I thought the storm would be over now

Anchor me anchor me
I'm afraid I'll lose myself in the tempest
anchor me anchor me
Don't let me lose my way

I watch the lightning split the sky
Illuminating all my secrets
My pride has it out for me
Silently exploiting all my weaknesses

I can't blame anyone else
I know I do this to myself

The pulling of the tide
The pulsing of the waves
The fury in the sky
don't let me lose my way in the tempest

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