New Single: Roselyn - Goodbye Dinosaur [Hardcore]

Jeffrey Agyepong
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Band: Roselyn

Single: Goodbye Dinosaur

Record Label: Independent

Genre: Chaotic Hardcore

Origin: Denmark

Release Date: June 18, 2021

This train of thoughts
A hostile obstruction!

Won’t hold me down

Your living truth
Must reveal my heart’s intentions, motivations

Shape me accord to your will
Abide by the spirit that lives in me

Fall over me, fall over me (reverence)
Fall over me, fall over me (spirit)
Fall over me, fall over (spirit) me

Time, you will take your time
I will wait, anticipating
Step out of your accord

Nothing will break my stride
What you’ve built will make me stand my ground
Stand my ground!

Refresh, renew my mind
The thoughts and weights of your heart made mine!

Band Members:

Ebbe Ryberg - Vocals

Morten Storgaard - Guitar

Niels Durhuus - Bass

Levi Rauff - Drums

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