Review: Freezing Terror - The Unexpected

Arthur Ramsey
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Band: Freezing Terror

Album: The Unexpected

Genre: Thrash Metal

Record label: Eleventh Hour Entertainment Group

Release Date: March 26, 2021

Album length: 53 Minutes

Track List:

  1. ​ Unexpected Return
  2. ​ Thief in the Night
  3. ​ The Sands of Time
  4. ​ Axe-Dent
  5. ​ Major Dentalwork
  6. ​ Out of the Sea
  7. ​ Out of the Earth
  8. ​ Black Ice
  9. ​ On Death Row
  10. ​ The Coming Storm

I’m a sucker for awesome logos, Freezing Terror has that. I’m also a sucker for great artwork and the band’s new album “The Unexpected” has that (the interior art concept is something I especially love). It also has some absolutely devastating thrash and death metal riffs (courtesy of guitarist/vocalist Terry Friesen), blasting drums (by way of drummer Trevor), and all the other necessities most headbangers need to satisfy their hunger.

Freezing Terror bill themselves as “Gothic, Frenetic, Haunting Metal” and I’d say that fits better than any designation I could give them. The music itself lives somewhere between the thrash and death metal worlds to me, but the vocals set the album apart from those genres, both for the good and for the bad.

Let’s get the bad out of the way first. The vocals don’t sit well in the mix. They are often too “dry”, especially in the verses, or when there’s only one vocal part, and the vocal volume levels aren’t very consistent, and during some parts, they get almost completely lost in the mix. Some judicious use of compression and a little delay or reverb here would work wonders by keeping the vocal levels more consistent and bringing those softer spoken/sung parts up in the mix and make it all gel together better and really make for a better sound overall.

As for the good, I do like the vocal delivery itself. At times the vocalist Terry reminds me of Dave Mustaine a bit in the way he handles some passages, and adding to that comparison is that both Megadeth and Freezing Terror seem to be fond of storytelling in their lyrics. I especially like when the vocals let loose a little bit in the choruses and show that Friesen can really sing too, and I’d like to hear more of that in the future.

The lyrics here are also a delight. Some songs seem to fit into a concept of the End Times, with others about the need for salvation and the fragility of life. There’s also an instrumental track called “Major Dentalwork” which the liner notes hints at being a follow-up to Metallica’s “(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth” from Kill ‘Em All.

Overall I enjoyed the album but feel it’s held back somewhat by the production issues. I would still recommend Christian metal fans give it a listen. The music can be crushing at times. And something else of note are the really cool clean guitar and keyboard flourishes they’ve sprinkled nicely on the album. There’s some good stuff in here and I’m looking forward to hearing what they can do in the future.

Rating: 6.5/10

Favorite track: Thief In the Night

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