New Single: War of Ages - No Altars [Metalcore]

Jeffrey Agyepong
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Band: War of Ages

Single: No Altars

Genre: Melodic Metalcore

Record Label: Facedown Records

Release Date: June 25, 2021


My God will set fire to the altar
pray to your gods while burning in your disbeliefs
You'll be the first to admit that you've abandoned
All hope in the fight for integrity

Running in circles trying not to lose yourself
The cost is high for the life you dreamt of
You fell apart and now claim it's a disease
Filled with hate pulled away by the enemy

You feel its over
My God greater than the pain
You feel its over
His love is everlasting

Oh God eternal
Reach down You see all that I am
You know my heart is yearning
All else will fade away

Full of hate yet filled with expectancy
In the wake of the Life you could lead

Fall to your knees
Bow down to the one true King