Review: Since The Death - The Black Must Come Out

Arthur Ramsey
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Band: Since The Death

Album: The Black Must Come Out

Genre: Black Metal

Record Label: Independent

Release Date: August 28, 2021

Album length: 32 Minutes

Track List:

  1. A New Morning
  2. You are Evil, Said the Evil
  3. Pray for Me
  4. Do You Want To Die
  5. The Black Has To Come Out
  6. What the Lord Gives
  7. The Word of the Lord
  8. You Are My Everything

Since the Death is the extreme metal project of Oscar Rask and the sophomore album “The Black Must Come Out” is extreme in a myriad of ways.

This album is pretty hard to classify as it veers fairly effortlessly between metalcore, death metal, black metal, and all points in between and it does so frequently. This is both a strength and at times a bit of a weakness. It’s a strength in that it definitely keeps the listener interested as it keeps them twisting and turning through the songs, but at times I wish it would focus and dwell a bit more on the ideas instead of switching gears quite so often. At the same time, it reminds me a bit of earlier Between the Buried and Me or Killswitch Engage in the way they also hopped genres.

Another set of extremes on showcase here are the vocals which pummel the listener with low death metal gutturals, black metal shrieking, powerful screams, really interesting clean vocals, and even some full-throated hardcore yells. That reminded me of Terror and Throwdown and would incite a good pit beatdown in the right situation.

The production here is also very good and everything is where it should be sonically. I really want to reach through and clamp down on the guitar for a couple of palm mutes but those are the only critiques I have about the otherwise awesome production. Rask says that the band is a one-man studio band but with guest musicians. I don’t have the credits available so I’m not sure who all was involved, but everyone plays skillfully, even if “everyone” might be only Oscar.

The lyrics deal with some darker subjects like addiction and seemingly depression, but they don’t dwell in the darkness but rather speak of the hope of Jesus in those challenging times. With that said, while I have an English translation available, the lyrics are sung in Swedish as Since the Death comes to us by way of Linköping, Sweden. In a way, it’s very cool to hear the Swedish lyrics, and they’re especially interesting on those clean vocal parts. But, it makes the music hard to sing along to for those who only know English. This could be a turnoff to listeners or an attraction. My opinion sits somewhere in between the two.

I’d say any fans of extreme metal need to check this out. I believe there’s something here for everyone and though I feel it goes too far with the genre-swapping, I’d imagine some will really enjoy that about the band. For me, the band is at their strongest when they bear down on the black metal aspects or death metal elements, as those styles seem to work better for the band as it seems that’s where they’re more comfortable.

Rating: 8/10

Favorite track: What the Lord Gives

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