Review: A Secret Ending - Transcend The Inherited [EP]

Hezekiah Rose
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Band: A Secret Ending (opens new window)

EP: Transcend The Inherited

Genre: Symphonic Deathcore

Record Label: Independent

Release Date: June 17, 2021

EP length: 11 Minutes

Track list:

  1. Abhor the Assembly 03:46
  2. Transcend the Inherited 03:07
  3. Spit On My Grave 04:19

Formerly starting as a melodic death metal project, A Secret Ending is a symphonic deathcore solo project from Lithuania. With two EPs already released last year, Transcend the Inherited is a solid release that improves with every listen. A slight change in direction from previous releases, and one that promises much in terms of future direction.

Lyrically, this is an album to sit down with track notes in hand. The lyrics are incredibly complex sets of prose with a loosely constructed rhyming structure. It’s very clear that A Secret Ending has no qualms calling out false doctrine, calling out those who have lost their way and now follow a watered-down faith. To share a single line from this EP would be underselling the depth. Instead, muse on this stanza from the titular track:

From arctic glaciers to the rivers of Ushuaia

Seven Seas transformed into eschatological lakes of fire

As predicted in the octonary vision of the prophet Zechariah

On the imminent and astonishing parousia of Yeshua the Messiah

It should be noted that at times the lines can be quite graphic, although in no way do they detract. In fact, they further support the argument that only Christ can save us from the depths we have sunk to.

Sonically, Edwin has stepped away from the integrated pure clean singing in previous releases, moving towards a multi-layered death growl that builds using both high and low octaves, with melodic distorted ‘clean’ vocals. To a certain degree, it lends more credibility to the content (see the notes on lyrics above) and adds a more thorough exploration of the genre. Abhor the Assembly opens with a melodic structure that is maintained throughout the release, with symphonic and choral undertones. In Transcend the Inherited piano tiptoes in, soon to be replaced with heavy drums that stomp out the melody supported by the aforementioned symphony and growls. The EP finishes with Spit on My Grave which takes on an almost anthem-like quality, utilizing both melody and vocals to build the moment.

Overall, a cohesive release that showcases the breadth of development A Secret Ending has been building through previous releases. For fans of Crowned in Sorrow (opens new window) and Ben Baruk (opens new window).

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Rating: 10/10

Favourite tracks: Can I say all three? Each has an element I enjoy. Abhor the Assembly for the melodic moments, Transcend the Inherited for it’s forceful driving beats, Spit on My Grave for the symphonic delivery of those beautifully crafted challenging lyrics.

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