New Single: War of Ages - Sleight of Hand [Metalcore]

Jeffrey Agyepong
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War of Ages releases the second single, "Sleight of Hand," from their upcoming EP, "Rhema," due October 29 via Facedown Records.


Buried by the weight of disaster

While plotting evil in the blink of an eye

Pulling you in with lies and deception

Only to stab you in the back with the other hand

Shattered life with a lying tongue

You quickly run into evil shedding innocent blood

False witness using wicked schemes

Based on lies raising hell from behind the scenes

Remove us remove us from the lies

Failure a failure of the mind

Redeemer of my soul
I'm running out of time
Awaken me

Redeemer of my soul

It's the end of the Line

Awaken me

This is war on humanity

Stand through adversity

Buried Alive

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